Organizational Structure and Governance

The goals and objectives of the Eugene Waldorf School are accomplished through the coordinated efforts of the College, Board of Trustees, Administrative Team and Parent Council. Each of these bodies meets regularly to discuss issues and decide on policy within its given realm. These bodies are supported in their tasks by various committees, which work under the auspices of each body.

The College of Teachers

The College of Teachers consists of those faculty members who, out of a sense of service to the students, the community and each other, are committed to deepening their spiritual connection to Waldorf education through studying and working together. They are responsible for administering the pedagogical affairs of the school.

The College is responsible for holding the greater well-being of the school as its principle task. It is responsible for the hiring, mentoring and evaluation of teachers, as well as ensuring the quality of the curriculum. The College typically meets weekly.

The Admissions Committee, the Care Group and the Teacher Search Committee are under the auspices of the College. Ideally, between three to five College members serve on the Board of Trustees.

Membership 2021-22:

Atta Turck, College Chair

Beth Daly, Early Childhood Chair

Erika Finstad, Grades Teacher

Nadja Kranites, Grades Teacher

Jelena Jaehnig, Grades Teacher

Ian Stearns, Grades Teacher

Marina Taylor, Grades Teacher

Karen Tyler, Handwork Teacher

Sara Spahn, Office & Operations Coordinator

Ann Gahr, Interim Business Manager

Board of Directors

The Eugene Waldorf School Board is responsible for the legal and financial aspects of the school, and consists of seven to twelve members. Of those members, three to five are college members selected by the College. The rest of the seats are held by community members elected for two-year terms by a two-thirds majority at the Annual General Meeting held each spring. Board members serve in this capacity on a voluntary basis. Ideally, the Parent Council has a representative who is a board liaison. The operations of the Board are governed by the school’s official bylaws, a copy of which is available in the business office.

Strategic in its scope, The Board of Trustees upholds and promotes the mission of the Eugene Waldorf School, holding fiduciary responsibility for the school’s long-term health. Key areas of Board activity include:

  • Determining, in collaboration with the College of Teachers, the school’s vision, mission, values and purpose and staying true to them
  • Selecting, supporting and evaluating the Head of School who has the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the school
  • Creating strategic plans and partnerships
  • Ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability
  • Exercising fiduciary responsibility and oversight
  • Fearless fundraising!
  • Ensuring adequate human and financial resources
  • Enhancing the school’s public standing
  • Supporting, funding and monitoring the school’s programs and services

To meet these challenges the Board and its committees are always looking for energetic and creative people who have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Strategic Planning                                      Non-Profit Board Experience Fundraising

Networking                                                 Marketing and Communication Legal

Waldorf Education                                     Finance and Investments Real Estate

Human Resources                                      Site Development/Construction Event Planning

Board members represent past, present and future generations, not specific constituencies. The Board is composed of current parents, alumnae parents, faculty/staff, and members from outside the Eugene Waldorf community. To express an interest in serving on the Board of Trustees, or on one of its committees, please schedule a conversation: [email protected]

The EWS Board meets once a month, and notice of the meeting dates and times are posted in the weekly school calendar. Board meetings are generally open to the school community and interested parents are most welcome to attend. Board meetings may include sessions during which personnel and other confidential matters are discussed and so are closed to the public. Please contact the Board President to attend. [email protected] 

Parents should feel free to contact any board member to make suggestions, report problems or seek clarification on board business. [email protected] 

The current trustees are:

Morgan Vierheller: President, HR committee, Strategic Planning committee, PR committee

Dan Howard: Vice-President, HR committee

Ann Gahr: Co-Secretary, Ex Officio Business Manager, HR committee, Finance Circle

Nicole Morrison: Co-Secretary, Ex Officio Administrative Coordinator, HR committee, Finance Circle, Strategic Planning committee

Cameron Stearns: Treasurer, Finance Circle

Andrew Smith III: Trustee, Finance Circle

Bobby Stricker: Trustee, PR committee

Atta Turck: College Chair, Site Coordinator, Strategic Planning committee

Marina Taylor: College Representative, Grades teacher, Strategic Planning committee

The Administration Team

Each member of the Administrative Team holds a key role in the life of the school and is entrusted to create a supportive environment for teaching and related activities.  A positive and professional attitude toward the children, parents, faculty and the board is the basis of the team’s work. Each carries an attitude of grateful service, love for the school, grounded and mature receptivity, and compassionate objectivity through all responsibilities and interactions with the school community and with colleagues. 

Administrative Team members share the responsibility to maintain a consistent presence on the board, college, and parent council as well as serve on board and administrative committees. While the Administrative Team is a working group of peers where none have the unilateral responsibility for hiring or dismissal, the business manager carries out responsibilities in the area of her/his expertise and acts as an administrative coordinator for the team.

The Administrative Team meets weekly to confer and to craft, propose and implement policies pertaining to the day-to-day administration of the school. 

The current Administrative Team members are:

Ann Gahr: Interim Business Manager

Nicole Morrison: Administrative & Licensing Coordinator

Sara Spahn: Office & Operations Coordinator

Katsu Shibata: Bookkeeper

Atta Turck: Site Coordinator

Anna Persson: Outreach & Enrollment Coordinator

Alex Abrams: Administrative Assistant

Parent Council

See our Parent Council tab under Parent Resources for the full description of this organizational body in the school.