Story & Setting

“The advent of the Waldorf schools was in my opinion the greatest contribution to world peace and understanding of the century.” -Willy Brandt, 1971 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Former Chancellor West Germany, Former Waldorf Parent

The Story
The Eugene Waldorf School is one of approximately 1,000 Waldorf schools throughout the world from Japan to Brazil and from Russia to New Zealand. The community of the Eugene Waldorf School joins a global community of children, parents, teachers and friends who have made a commitment to work toward social renewal through Waldorf education.

Waldorf schools grew out of the philosophy of anthroposophy (anthropos: human, and sophia: wisdom), which was developed by Rudolf Steiner.

The History

Like most Waldorf Schools, the Eugene Waldorf School began as a grassroots initiative. In 1976 several parents wanting Waldorf education for their growing children began organizing lectures and workshops, and eventually brought a trained teacher to town. This small school, then called the Cascade Valley School, opened its doors in 1980. As the school grew through the grades, a new building was found and the Dunn School on Willamette Street in southeast Eugene became our second home. In the summer of 1988 we moved to our present permanent location, the Stella Magladry School on McLean Boulevard. Soon after that, in 1990, the teacher training program was started, initially at the request of parents and community members. In the summer of 1993 the high school building was erected and the high school was in operation from September 1993 until August 1996. In 1998 the building was renovated to house the Rainbow Bridge Parent Child groups, the Starflower Kindergarten, and in 2003, the Sunflower Kindergarten.

The Setting
Eugene Waldorf is blessed with an exceptional balance between a beautiful natural environment and urban accessibility. Our school is located on five acres on a hill in South Eugene, in a residential neighborhood surrounded by many trees. There are three playground areas, a large field and a smaller upper field as well.

We have four buildings: the Main Building, the Gardenside Building, the Great Hall and the Art Studio. The Main Building is the original Stella Magladry school building, and serves as the hub of our school.

The Main Building houses first through eighth grades, a kindergarten, our reception office and the administrator’s office. Originally donated to the 4j public school district by Stella Magladry, the building was built in 1922 and has served as a school since then. The Eugene Waldorf School purchased the building and site several years later.

The Gardenside Building houses two classrooms, our Rainbow Bridge program, the middle school handwork room and administrative offices. We have a dedicated woodworking shop attached.

The Great Hall serves as a theater, gymnasium, and assembly hall. We also have a beautiful eurythmy studio attached to the Great Hall, with appropriate lighting and a dance studio floor.

The new Art Studio was completed in 2005, providing a dedicated space for the Waldorf Teacher Education Eugene program, as well as the Arts Enrichment Project.