Administrative Restructure

The Eugene Waldorf School is proud to announce the hire of Administrator Dr. Molly Wilson and Faculty Chair Jelena Jaehnig to complete a change in the structure of its administration. The school has always been independent and unique in its governing model. Since its inception in 1980, the Eugene Waldorf School has made all decisions, both curricular and administrative, with a consensus model. In this practice, all voices are heard and each member agrees before moving forward on decisions. Equally as important, the school holds the core belief that teachers, through their daily experience in the classroom, are uniquely qualified to make the decisions about the educational environment that best serves students. All decisions impacting the classroom are made by teachers through consensus. Like many small nonprofits, the school has always applied a majority of resources to its excellent program. This past year, the school has found a way to work within its ideals with increased efficiency. Previously, the oversight of business and pedagogical administration was overseen by volunteer committees. This increase in paid administrative staff is a commitment to support the school’s long term sustainability and service to the community. The additional staffing will expand the school’s administrative capacity, especially regarding the daily operations of the business administration. Also, the full time faculty is eagerly anticipating Ms. Jaehnig’s support in coordinating the work of mentoring, hiring, evaluations, and continuing education. The Eugene Waldorf School is an independent, nonsectarian school and one of the 140 Waldorf schools in the United States. Together they serve over 25,000 students. The 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide are part of an international, educational movement that embraces the educational insights of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian scientist, philosopher, artist and educator. At the Eugene Waldorf School, our arts- and academics-integrated program ignites a lifelong love of learning and nurtures compassionate, critical thinkers. Mission: The Eugene Waldorf School educates the whole child by equally engaging the mind, enlivening the imagination, and strengthening the will. We teach in an environment that fosters a love of learning, a depth of understanding, and a sense of community. Our academic program integrates the arts, humanities, and sciences. We strive to develop each child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities. This enables each unique individual to enter responsibly into an ever-changing local and global community.