Distance Learning at EWS

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Dear Eugene Waldorf School families, 
Although our school campus is closed, the Eugene Waldorf School is open and shifting to remote learning and community offerings. We intend to support and nourish the whole Eugene Waldorf School community through our daily connection for as long as the quarantine is in effect. Teachers will provide instruction to the class and create opportunities to check in with individual students and parents to maintain the relationships so foundational to our community.
On Monday April 6, and on Mondays thereafter, Eugene Waldorf School will provide an overview with weekly schedules in Microsoft Teams for each grades class. Grades teachers will post lessons daily and will provide between two and four hours of activity/instruction each day. Lessons may include written assignments, activity instruction, pre-recorded audio or video lessons, and scheduled interactive presentations.
All online material is available through Microsoft Teams. This is an application available on mobile devices and computers. Video content will come via Vimeo links. Interactive meetings will happen through Zoom or Teams. Please ask permission before sharing the materials available for Eugene Waldorf School’s remote learning programs.

We understand various families have more or less access to technology. If your family could use support, or has support to offer others, please let us know.  Each class teacher will let parents know when and where to pick up curricular supplies that support lessons. Teachers will aim to minimize the number of times families need to leave home to pick up these supplies. Whenever possible, we will have online submission of assignments. 

Participating in the offered lessons is strongly recommended to ensure healthy learning progress, however families should take care to respond to their students’ needs for pacing. The EWS teachers recognize that student and family needs will differ. We will create a treasure chest of learning opportunities that families can draw from to create a robust learning experience that works for their children and family circumstances. Teachers will rely on parent feedback on how the work is being taken up by students. 

Guidelines for Grades Students
• Remote learning is an important part of this year’s school experience. We ask that parents find a way to help their child affirm the importance of continuing to work and learn at home.   
• In the classroom, teachers ask that students engage in lessons with concentration and goodwill, bringing their best efforts to each experience; we ask that students bring these same qualities to remote lessons.  
• It is essential that students both ask their parents for assistance and strive to work independently. As families work to find this balance, we ask that parents frequently reinforce that children need to contact parents and teachers with questions. Parents need to clearly show their children how to contact their teacher; this process will vary depending on grade level.
• Timeliness is an important practice. We ask that parents and children make agreements that allow assignments to be submitted on time in the assigned format.

Guidelines for Parents
• Please provide a dedicated place and time for students to work at home. Following a regular schedule will be helpful, when possible. The school understands that maintaining a regular schedule will be challenging at times and asks that families prioritize emotional well being as they adapt to remote learning.
• Parents may need to provide support to help their children remain engaged in learning. Parents may also need to assist their children in submitting assigned work.
• It is not appropriate for parents to complete work for their child; however, children need varying levels of adult support as they work. A good place to start is ensuring your child understands the learning task, has the required resources, and is located in a productive learning space. • Parents are encouraged to reach out to any teacher via email. It is also possible to schedule a Zoom call, Teams chat, or a phone call.
• Parents may be asked to visit Eugene Waldorf School to pick up needed supplies or return assigned work. EWS has developed safety protocols for this which can be viewed here. If a family is not well on a pick up day, please contact your teacher to set up an alternative time once the illness has passed. 
• If you or your child is unwell and unable to participate in the daily lessons, please advise your class teacher.

Commitment by Teachers When possible, class and specialty teachers will work collaboratively to plan and deliver lessons. This collaboration will enhance the adaptive process we are all experiencing as well as increase the quality of the teaching and the well-being of the teachers. Teachers will continue to hold regular collaborative meetings through Zoom. We will continue to follow practices and make decisions that encourage healthy community interactions. We understand that the opportunities for connection that school interactions provide are vital for well being as we comply with safety measures. In so many ways, the spirit of Waldorf education is what we create between teachers, families and students in collaboration and love. 

Communication and Technical Support
• Teachers will send out weekly class parent emails. 
• Parents can call or email their child’s class teacher with questions. A response can be expected within 24 hours. 
• Teachers will hold parent meetings via Zoom.
• Parents can email questions regarding Microsoft Teams to Nicole Morrison at [email protected]. A response can be expected within 24 hours.
• Parents can find many great resources online at www.support.office.com.
Warm regards,
EWS Faculty and Staff
Getting Started – Grades Students Only
1. Over the next few days, parents/guardians of grades students will be receiving an email invitation to set up a Microsoft Office student account for each child. This account will provide access to Microsoft Teams which is the online learning platform EWS will be using for distance learning. Please follow the directions provided in the email to set up an account for each child. 

2. Download the Microsoft Teams app to your desktop computer or mobile device.

3. Pick up distance learning supplies at EWS according to the instructions provided by your class teacher. Practice safe social distancing guidelines while doing this. 

4. On April 6, login to your child’s account through the Teams app. Your child’s class/team should automatically populate in their account. Begin the online learning process with your teacher and classmates!

5. If you have questions regarding class content or assignments, please contact your class teacher. If you have questions regarding Teams, please contact Nicole Morrison at [email protected].