Marion Aragon-Herbert

Joe Millon

Marion grew up in southwest Germany, not far from Stuttgart where the first Waldorf School was founded (and is still flourishing).  Surrounded by a large and close-knit family, Marion is the oldest of five siblings as well as numerous cousins, and enjoyed taking care of little ones.

In her early twenties, Marion went to live in France, mainly in Paris, to connect with the French side of her ancestry and to study the language.  Carried by the same quest for adventure she moved to America in the late 1970’s, and after a brief stopover in California, happily settled in Ashland, Oregon.  There she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a minor in French. In Ashland, Marion met her husband, Tim.  When their oldest child was born, Marion remembered Waldorf education, made a connection with the Waldorf School of the Rogue Valley and began to study anthroposophy.

In 1993 her whole family moved to Eugene where Marion completed the Eugene Waldorf Teacher Education Program (with an emphasis on early childhood education) and taught German at EWS.  Since 1998, Marion has been happy to teach the Rainbow Bridge classes while raising her three children.