Maria del Pilar Cumpston

Valerie Perrott

Growing up in the culturally diverse mecca of New York City, Pilar was exposed to all walks of life. Born to an American Anglo-Saxon father and a Columbian native mother, she learned how to speak Spanish at home.  She moved to the Catskill region of New York and attended the State University at New Paltz, receiving a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology. After leaving the hubbub of the city and experiencing the beautiful autumn colors of the Appalachian Mountains, and the crisp clean creeks and lakes of the rural countryside, it fostered a new love for the outdoors and nature.

After a few years of traveling, she relocated to Oregon in 1995.  She felt she had found a community filled with creative and kind people, which supported her wishes to have a life based on environmentally conscious living, organic gardening, and self-sustainability. After completing the teacher training program in 2009 she was pleased to become of the Waldorf Community as a teacher, parent and friend.

Some of her interests, which her family continues to incorporate into their lives are yoga, hiking, biodynamics, alternative energy and conservation, promoting peace and community through music events and working with children for a healthy future.