Frances Gilbert

Joe Millon

Rose Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Frances was born in Fairfield, Iowa to young parents attending college there. She spent her earliest childhood in eastern Connecticut but soon moved to her mother’s family home in Staunton, Virginia. Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, her grandparents home was heaven! Her Nana’s garden grew the sweetest strawberries and juiciest tomatoes. Her Pawpaw took her out on the tractor and she loved to pump water by hand from the well. There she was embraced by an unhurried pace of life, and the magic of rolling hills and forest forts. Frances has lived in and traveled to many other states including Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. She moved to Eugene in September of  1992. Frances has three loving and creative children. The oldest two are now young adults living in Eugene and loving a life of performance; one an actor and the other a musician. Her youngest is a blossoming elementary student at our school. Frances has been involved at the Eugene Waldorf School as a parent, a student or an employee at different times over the past 20 years. Out of life’s many blessings, she enjoys spending time with her family, being in nature, live music, dance and the art of eurythmy. Frances lives with her husband, youngest daughter and fluffiest poodle in south Eugene.