Rachel Hawks

Anna Persson

Rachel comes from a lifetime of Waldorf education as an alumni of the Portland Waldorf School, kindergarten through 12th grade. Although she began learning Spanish in 4th grade at PWS, she honed her Spanish speaking abilities when she spent a semester of college with School for International Training in Panama.

Upon completing her B.A. in music at Bard College in New York state, Rachel moved to Panama, where she lived in the rural, agricultural town of Cerro Punta and worked with Grupo Orgánico de Agricultores Cerropunteños (GORACE) as a grant writer, translator and organizer, helping promote organic agriculture in an area reliant on chemical use. Rachel has worked as an outdoor educator and field instructor for programs in Austin, Texas; Alaska; California; Hood River, Oregon and the Portland area.

When not teaching Spanish at EWS, Rachel can sometimes be found working as a raft, kayak, bike or snowshoe guide for the Recreation Department for the City of Eugene, or riding her bicycle, playing the banjo in her band The Dirty Dandelions, knitting or working in her garden. Rachel has taught Spanish at EWS since 2012.