Farrah Hess

Valerie Perrott

Farrah moved to Eugene from Mount Shasta, California in 2011. She has been increasing her teaching as her young son makes the journey through the Eugene Waldorf School. Farrah was born and raised in southeast England in a family immersed in music and Waldorf education. She attended the first Waldorf school in the English speaking world from age two through twelfth grade. After graduating, she began her travels, which took her to the far reaches of the world and to several Fine Arts Colleges in England where she studied painting, drawing and sculpture. This love of color, from movement within matter, along with her continued searching for “more,” led her on one last trip across land and ocean to the far northern mountains of California. There she met her teachers and obtained her eurythmy training from the American Eurythmy School, 1991-1995. She fell in love with eurythmy and with the founding ideals of the United States, and stayed. Since graduating, she has found great fulfillment in bringing eurythmy to all ages—from preschool to high school, and to adults—through performing and teaching in England, Canada and the U.S.