Jelena Jaehnig

Anna Persson

Jelena was born in Stuttgart, Germany and was later joined by two younger brothers. When she was four, her family moved to Denver, Colorado where her father worked as a Christian Community priest and her mother helped found and taught at the Denver Waldorf School. Jelena attended Waldorf schools through the eighth grade, first back at the original Waldorf School in Stuttgart and later at the Denver Waldorf School. After high school she attended colleges in Denver and Bochum, Germany, receiving a bachelors and masters degree in history from UC Colorado.  It has been Jelena’s intention to become a Waldorf teacher since she was in first grade.

In 1993 she moved to Eugene to teach at the Eugene Waldorf School, and taught in the high school for three years before becoming a class teacher.  After taking a class from first through eighth grade, Jelena spent a sabbatical year in Mexico volunteering at a Waldorf school. She is now very happy to be back in this community teaching another class.