Robin Melcher

Anna Persson

Robin was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, the first of two girls. Her family loved the outdoors and whenever possible they would head into the Sierra Nevada foothills to camp, swim, sail and raft. Eventually her family decided they wanted to live in a more natural setting and to find a slower pace of life. Therefore, during her freshman year of high school they moved to Southern Oregon.

Robin then moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon where she received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. The artistic and spiritual nature of Waldorf Education then led her to Eugene Waldorf Teacher Training, where she developed and strengthened her relationships with the arts, with community and with the inner life of the child. In 2005 she began her journey as a teacher at the Olympia Waldorf School in Olympia, Washington with a group of starry-eyed first graders. In 2013 they graduated, a group of strong-minded eighth graders. With a desire to travel, during a six-week sabbatical, she was able to spend time traveling around Chile from high up into the Andes to the tip of Patagonia. She then took over a sixth grade class which graduated in June 2016.

Robin has roots and family in Oregon and has always felt that her heart is here, especially in Eugene. She is looking forward to her time to come in Eugene.