Sarah Sams

Anna Persson

Growing up in rural North Carolina, Sarah discovered a love of nature while exploring the wide expanse of dense woods between her home and the city park. She and her younger brother built dams, climbed trees, and embodied nature throughout every season. Her passion for the great outdoors has magnified during her twenty-plus years in the spacious green of the Pacific Northwest.

Prior to leading the Class of 2027 at Eugene Waldorf School, Sarah led the Class of 2026 at Olympia Waldorf School from first through third grade. She also substituted at EWS, taught after-school STEAM programs and library workshops, and served in several capacities at summer camps for kids with social-emotional communication difficulties and disorders, such as Autism. Sarah received a grades certificate from Waldorf Teacher Education, Eugene in 2018 and a bachelor’s degree from Pacific University in media and film production in 2005.

The ethos of Waldorf education strongly matches Sarah’s personal beliefs: education should be an immersive experience, adults should be worthy of imitation, and developing kindness, adaptability, and strong social skills are as important as academic learning. Sarah believes that a teacher’s greatest accomplishment is helping children develop a true sense of agency.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys making art, foraging, singing, hiking, and camping with her husband, Aaron.