Jeannie Schwanekamp

Valerie Perrott

Jeannie grew up with her two older sisters under the wide blue skies of Encampment, Wyoming.  On her family’s ranch, a great love for the natural world grew in her heart. When she met her first grade teacher, she knew that she too would become a teacher. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and classical literature from the University of Minnesota, where she met her husband Max.  Their daughter Oona was born in the heart of the Midwestern winter.

The Schwanekamps moved to Eugene shortly afterward, and they took to their new home like blackberry brambles on a creek bank. Within a year of the move, their son Jera was born in the heat of the Eugene summer. Jeannie completed the Teacher Education Program in 2005.  She feels blessed to serve the families of Eugene.