Sara Spahn

Anna Persson

Sara was raised in the Driftless area in Northwest Illinois/Southern Wisconsin. She and her brothers grew up playing in nature; sculpting snow tunnels and camping in White Pine forests. After high school, Sara was an exchange student in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall. Before completing her Master of Arts degree, she was a student at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. More recently, Sara has continued her education in graduate course work in Art Therapy.
For several years, Sara enjoyed work in arts administration for a cultural arts center in central Illinois. After their son was born, Sara reflected on being introduced to Waldorf education in Europe. As a parent and artist, she is inspired by the many ways the arts are unified with academic curriculum in Waldorf schools. Their son is now an alumni student of EWS (class of 2017) and their daughter is in elementary school.
Sara also teaches art as a Healing Arts Practitioner at the Trauma Healing Project in Eugene and is a Bereavement Arts Specialist for the Peace Health Courageous Kids Program. Together with her partner, Albion, and their son and daughter, she enjoys watching soccer and horseback riding, gardening, canoeing, cross-country skiing and striving to construct the ‘best pizza yet’ with friends.
Sara is happy to share in the rich school life as a parent, Office and Operations Coordinator and a member of the Administrative Team.