Ian Stearns

Anna Persson

Ian was born in Camarillo, California, where he spent the early part of his childhood with his parents, an older sister, and a lovely Old English sheepdog named Sweet Rosie McDuff.  When he was in second grade he moved to a town on the Merrimac River in semi-rural Missouri.  He lived there, enjoying the forests in summer and the hills in winter until his family moved back to California. After high school Ian went to college at UCSB where he majored in political science.

After college Ian hopped around a bit before landing in Eugene, where he has worn many hats: culinary student, care provider, baker, cook, husband and papa.  He completed the Teacher Education Program in Eugene in 2003, and spent a year tutoring at the school before starting as a grades teacher.  He loves teaching and studying anthroposophy, as well as painting models, reading, and playing games with his children in his spare time.  He lives with his wife Cameron, their two sons William and Paul, their 100-pound lab, Angus.