Morgan Vierheller

Valerie Perrott

Morgan grew up in the midwest cities of St. Louis and Chicago. After high school, she lived in the wilds of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Beginning college as a science major, she was convinced by her biology teacher to go to art school and so ended up in the lovely city of San Francisco and attended the San Francisco Art Institute. Graduating with an MFA in painting and sculpture, Morgan began a career in art that lasted for seven years. At an Earth Day celebration, she found a booth for the Marin Waldorf School where she discovered a career that would become her passion. Completing two of the three years of grades training, Morgan was offered a position at Summerfield Waldof School teaching art and humanities in the high school and then completed her high school certificate work at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA.

She has been a Waldorf high school humanities, art and drama teacher since 1998 in two schools, Summerfield Waldorf School in Santa Rosa, California and, most recently, Austin Waldorf School in Austin, Texas. Her recent experience as chair of the pedagogical committee and chair of the humanities department, as well as college chair at Summerfield led her to consider the position of faculty chair as a natural progression. After discovering the work of Rudolf Steiner as a theosophist in the Wheaton society branch in 1973, she picked up the study again in 1996 as a student and is committed to the Waldorf educational philosophy. The support and development of community, both within and without the school, will be her focus at EWS.

She is delighted to return to the West Coast with her husband of nearly 30 years, Erik, and their two dogs and one cat. She continues to paint, loves the mountains and being part of a vibrant community.