Faire Time!

This Saturday, December 5, we will host our annual Winter Light Faire. We gather together to embrace the seasonal change as it envelopes us with cold winds, bare trees and gray skies. When the sun is at its palest, and the wind bites at our ears, the lights in our hearts shine the brightest. At this darkest time it is vital that we are able to share that light with one another. This faire is our reminder to celebrate that light; it is a time when we open up our school and offer to our whole community the magic and joy that lives here on a daily basis. The faire is both a fundraiser for our school, and our biggest and best-attended open house of the year. The Winter Light Faire is a great first impression for visitors to our school. A new family or friend coming to our faire will find answers to many questions. Come to the candle dipping room, and you can see how nourishing the use of natural, environmentally-friendly supplies is to our children. Come to a puppet show, and parents and children alike can experience the reverence and beautiful stories our kindergarteners experience daily. Visit in the School Information room and look through student work from throughout the grades. Join the cakewalk and cheer for whoever wins (even if you don’t get a cake this time, maybe a friend will share theirs). As we celebrate the richness of the potato latkes and take a spin with the dreidel, listen and participate in live music and singing everywhere, we can easily see the gifts of a Waldorf community for the whole family. This year, if you're a Winter Light Faire veteran please consider inviting someone you know who has never been to a Winter Light Faire. Let us share our hard work and our community. Remember, the faire is an all-community endeavor and takes everyone's hard work, love and intention to create a successful and fulfilling event for all. No matter how small the deed…each gift is essential. The best way to keep our hearts and souls light and warm in the wintertime is to open up, share our gifts with each other and enjoy the fresh, crisp winter air.