School Closures

There are no weather related announcements at this time.

Weather Closure Guidelines
EWS generally follows Eugene School District 4J’s weather closure decisions. We will always close or have a delayed start if 4J does. However, there are times when we may opt to implement a closure or delay based on the conditions of the hill and our parking lot, even if 4J does not.

Weather related announcements will be made by 7:00 am in the following ways:

  • School website
  • The school’s phone message
  • Text message and email via One Call Now

If we have a two-hour delay, there will be no school for early childhood classes (including Robin’s Nest), no first grade, nor will there be any school for those grades classes that end at 12:35 pm on that day. On a two-hour delay, school will begin for the remainder of the grades at 10:30 am with main lesson. When conditions warrant a two-hour delay on a Friday, we will cancel school for everyone.

Eugene 4J School closures and weather policies can be viewed on the 4J website.

Springfield Public School’s weather policies can be viewed on the SPS website.