Parent Council

The Parent Council is the third organizational body of the school (the other two being the Faculty/College of Teachers and the Board of Directors). The Parent Council’s main sphere of influence is in the social (community) realm, while the College’s main sphere is the pedagogical realm, and the Board is mainly responsible for financial and legal matters. The Parent Council serves as a venue for parents to actively participate, serve, and contribute to the functioning and organization of the school. By providing a strong and cohesive parent body, the Parent Council supports the teacher/student relationship, and the work of the school and its mission. As the third organizational body of the school, the Parent Council offers the parent perspective in relation to school governance.

Additionally, the Parent Council:

  • seeks to strengthen social bonds and build community
  • supports community education
  • inspires parents to volunteerism
  • supports the student/teacher relationship
  • serves as a forum for parents’ ideas, inspirations, initiatives and concerns, where current issues within the school community can be discussed
  • strives to facilitate and encourage parents’ active and positive communication with the Faculty/College of Teachers, Administration and Board, while promoting transparency between all three bodies

All school parents are members of Parent Council and are encouraged to participate. PC consists of a chairperson or two co-chairpersons, and one to two parent representatives from each class. However, all parents are both entitled and welcome to attend any Parent Council meeting or sponsored event. Decisions are made by current members, using a consensus process when appropriate or necessary.