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Eugene Waldorf School

Grades Curriculum Outline

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First Grade Phonics, Writing, Speech through recitation and retelling stories, simple numbers with the four processes, Fairy Tales
Second Grade Reading and Writing, Mental Arithmetic and Arithmetic using larger numbers, Legends of the Saints, and Fables
Third Grade Grammar, Speech, Weights and Measures, House Building, Farming, Introduction to Music Notation, Old Testament Stories
Fourth Grade Grammatical Tenses, Fractions, Local Geography, Man and Animal, Norse Mythology
Fifth Grade Letter Writing, Decimals and the Metric System, Freehand Geometry, U.S. Geography, Botany, Egyptian and Greek Mythology, Ancient History to Alexander the Great
Sixth Grade Writing and Speech style development, Gardening as a special subject, Simple Interest and Percentages, Astronomy, World Climactic Conditions, Mineralogy, Physics, Geometry, Perspective Drawing, Roman and Medieval History
Seventh Grade Composition, Poetry, Squaring, Cubing, and Equations, Economics, Cultural Geography, Physics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Charcoal Drawing, Renaissance History, Physiology-Nutrition
Eighth Grade Prose, Drama, Algebra, World Geography, Meteorology, Practical Physics, Organic Chemistry, Geometric Calculations, Physiology and Anatomy, Epic Prose and Poetry to Modern Times, European and U.S. History
All of my instructionally related research into childhood has pointed toward the superiority of Waldorf education over all other current educational methods. Jane W. Hippolito, Ph.D., Professor of English and Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies, California State University, Fullerton

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