The Advent Spiral

The Advent season has traditionally been the season for preparations for Christmas. As the days grow shorter and darker, we begin to light the candles in our homes to guide our way towards this warm, light-filled festival. In many homes there will be an Advent wreath decorated with four candles representing the four Sundays of Advent. It is a season of sharing where family members join for baking and wrapping gifts, candlelight, and singing. It is a magic time full of secrets and treasures. To mark the beginning of Advent, each year we create the Advent Garden for our preschool and kindergarten children and their families in the Great Hall. The children are led one by one into the pathway of a spiral garden lit by candlelight and decorated with stars and crystals. Each child walks into the spiral to light his/her own candle from the center candle.Please see your class teacher for details and schedule.