Anthroposophy in Eugene

Eugene is home to many people who live a life enriched by a worldview informed by both natural science and Anthroposophy. These people are found amongst former and current parents at EWS, former and current teachers at EWS and in the broader community, medical professionals, scientists, blue and white-collar workers, business owners, farmers, and community members at large.

Among the many initiatives that have arisen from the study of Anthroposophy and its application to our shared and complex social needs are: Waldorf education (known as Steiner schools in Europe); biodynamic agriculture; anthroposophical medicine; scientific initiatives; performing arts initiatives including eurythmy, dramatic and speech arts; therapeutic Eurythmy; visual and sculptural arts initiatives; social initiatives including financial initiatives. is a calendar website set up to help connect our local community with study groups and sometimes other local activities and initiatives related to anthroposophy in the Eugene/Springfield/Corvallis areas. Study groups are a basic activity in beginning to take in the practical and modern worldview that Anthroposophy offers. Group activities like study groups, subject to rethinking due to pandemic restrictions, with care will emerge in socially appropriate forms.

The website is maintained by local friends of Anthroposophy. Some of the people referenced above also belong to a worldwide initiative called the General Anthroposophical Society, an all-inclusive society formed to support the helpful contributions of Anthroposophy in the world.