Anthroposophy in Eugene is a calendar website set up to help connect the local community with study groups, festivals, workshops, events and other activities and initiatives related to anthroposophy in the Eugene/Springfield area (and sometimes beyond). The website is maintained by the Rudolf Steiner Group of Eugene.

The Rudolf Steiner Group of Eugene is made up of individuals brought together through the influence of anthroposophy in their lives. Composed of former and current parents at EWS, teachers, medical professionals, scientists, and blue and white-collar workers, members of the Rudolf Steiner group meet throughout the year for various activities. The Rudolf Steiner Group is an independent and local part of a worldwide movement, the General Anthroposophical Society, and all people of goodwill are welcome to join this society.

Among the many initiatives (but not all) that have arisen from anthroposophy are: Waldorf education (known as Steiner schools in Europe); biodynamic agriculture; anthroposophical medicine; natural scientific initiatives; performing arts initiatives including eurythmy, dramatic and speech arts; visual and sculptural arts initiatives; social initiatives including financial initiatives; and astronomical and mathematical initiatives.