High School Initiative

The changes teenagers move through in their adolescent years are profound—and very different from the developmental changes which mark their younger years. A Waldorf high school, grades 9-12, would continue and complete the beautiful work of the Eugene Waldorf School. A Waldorf high school education helps students to meet the world with a strong sense of self. By teaching students in a manner sensitive to each developmental stage, students are free to explore their own identities, while also cultivating a deep appreciation and respect for others, and for the world around them.

For several years, a dedicated group of EWS parents have been nurturing the birth of the Eugene Waldorf High School independently from the lower school. This initiative is making wonderful progress towards that goal. The initiative meets monthly, and hosts presentations and workshops throughout the year on teenage development and the Waldorf high school. Learn more and get involved:

Eugene Waldorf High School Initiative